A bakery close to Llandysul now has its products stocked in Tesco stores across the UK.

Tregroes Waffle Bakery, a small family-run business nestled in Pontwelly, has achieved significant success with its signature butter flavoured waffle.

This Welsh take on a much-loved Dutch treat is now being sold in each Tesco Café throughout the country.

The original butter flavoured waffles will be presented in traditional black wrappers, with milk and dark chocolate waffle varieties encased in purple and maroon wrappings respectively.

Tregroes' iconic gold script will adorn every wrapper.

The bakery has been producing waffles for more than 40 years, since the founder Kees Huysmans came to Wales with dreams of being a farmer.

Nathan Edwards, Tesco Wales buyer, showed his support for the company's products by saying: "We are thrilled to have another Tregroes partnership extend to the whole of the UK.

"Tregroes is a perfect example of fusing one’s heritage with the Welsh culture to create something amazing and unique.

“Listening to how he turned his hobby into such a successful company is inspiring.

"I am proud to support the Llandysul team as they go from success to success, etching the company into Welsh history."

Mr Huysmans altered his career path after receiving considerable praise for his adapted stroop waffle recipe from people at Henllan Railway.

This change of direction panned out well for him, as his company has garnered much praise and success to this day, including becoming British Retail Consortium Certified which allows for supply to national supermarkets, independent delicatessens, coffee shops, cafes and corner shops.

Tivyside Advertiser:

The company later became the first to supply Starbucks with waffles and related products.

Keeping the authentic identity of the business in mind, Mr Huysmans has sold 60 per cent of the company shares to Tregroes employees.

As a result, decision making is now determined by the entire team.

Tregroes is committed to maintaining its strong bond with its roots, as seen in the mutual respect and cooperation among its team members.

Rhys Jones, sales director at Tregroes Waffle Bakery, said: "We have been working with Tesco for over 20 years and it has been a pleasure every step of the way.

"They have been such a big help in spreading the joy, wonder, and pleasure of Tregroes waffles to the country and now, thanks to Tesco, everyone will be able to experience the pleasure of a Tregroes Waffle in every Tesco Café.

“We hope that our waffles brighter your days with every bite.”

Tregroes Waffles is the latest Welsh product to be introduced by Tesco cafes across the United Kingdom.

Tesco's Wales-based buying team plans to further the supermarket's product range by launching more Welsh goods in stores later this year.