A talk about a beloved author will take place in the Aberporth location that is the setting for one of her novels.

Dr Rita Singer, an experienced researcher, will lead a discussion on the life and works of bestselling author Allen Raine, at 7pm on March 28 in Capel Blaenannerch.

The talk, entitled 'Allen Raine: The Radical?’ will put Raine’s life, work, and the themes of her novels into a contemporary context.

The vestry of Blaenannerch Chapel is a particularly fitting venue as one of Raine's best-known novels, Queen of the Rushes, was set in this location during the spiritual revival of 1904.

Attendees will have an opportunity to explore the chapel interior, where the charismatic preacher Evan Roberts catalysed a Wales-wide spiritual revival.

The talk is part of a series of events intending to fuse readers, singers, storytellers, and music makers, including a planned site-specific opera inspired by Raine's novels.

Upcoming events within the series include a creative workshop on April 7 and an Allen Raine Ramble on April 20.

This project has been funded by the Arts Council of Wales through their CREATE scheme and is also supported by the Allen Raine Celebration Society.

For more information, contact Rowan O’Neill at oneill.rowan@googlemail.com.