Tackling poverty will be the subject of a public meeting in Newcastle Emlyn.

This public meeting is set to discuss a new draft strategy which intends to resolve poverty in the rural regions of Wales.

The meeting is scheduled to take place in the Emlyn Hotel on March 28.

It will be led by Cefin Campbell, the Plaid Cymru MS for Mid and West Wales.

A group of expert panellists will present their opinions on the draft strategy, whilst attendees will be invited to contribute their views.

This event follows months of hard work dedicated towards creating a new effective strategy to combat rural poverty, an issue that can go unaddressed in rural communities.

The problems faced by rural households, often referred to as the 'rural premium', include high costs in accessing key goods and services, limited housing availability, poor digital connectivity and difficulties with childcare access.

With the current cost of living crisis, these households are feeling the impact significantly more.

The proposed strategy to tackle rural poverty outlines potential interventions across various policy areas.

This public meeting will serve as an opportunity to put its proposals to the test, identify any gaps, and refine the strategy further before its publication.

Ahead of the public meeting, Cefin Campbell MS said: "We know that poverty in rural areas is a persistent problem, and one that requires a tailored set of responses.

"In my time as a Senedd Member, I have consistently called on the Welsh Government to develop and implement a rural poverty strategy, and they have consistently refused to do so."

He added, "Solutions to rural poverty need to be community led, and that is why I am hosting this event – to offer an opportunity for feedback on our proposals around rural proofing, and in specific policy areas like housing, energy, digital, childcare and rural economic development."

Campbell also encouraged everyone interested to attend the meeting and to register for it through Ticket Tailor.

The event titled 'Rural Poverty: Towards a Strategy for Mid and West Wales' will take place from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.