CARDIGAN town councillors say they cannot support an application for the erection of two new houses in Castle Street, citing concerns over potential safety issues.

The move – by applicant John Davies – concerns a plot adjacent to 20 Castle Street near to the 20 mph speed signs on the southern edge of town.

Cllr Nick Bolton disclosed the site received planning permission for one house back in 2002, but Ceredigion County Council’s Highways department had rejected the latest application on the grounds of ‘inadequate’ parking.

He added that there had also a couple of objections from people living in nearby properties citing concerns of privacy and a loss of lighting.

“I feel that this is quite a restricted site and don’t think we should approve an application for two houses,” he said. “One building would have been better, although there would still have been this lack of visibility.”

Cllr Richard Davies felt there was potential for vehicles parking on the pavement, while Cllr Sian Maehrlein said it would make the location more dangerous.

Councillors agreed to register their concerns about the lack of visibility and over-development of the site, adding they supported the other objections that had already been lodged.