Wooden cut-outs mainly depicting a variety of sea creatures are intriguing locals in the coastal villages of Aberporth, St Dogmaels, Poppit, Gwbert and Patch.

The figures – which include seals, a seahorse, crab and, most recently, a duck (or perhaps a goose?) – all have one feature in common: a top hat balanced precariously on their heads!

Now the hunt is on to unmask the creators behind ‘The Mad Hatters’, amid speculation as to their purpose.

For no-one knows who is responsible for the mystery figures which have left puzzled on-lookers scratching their heads over who made them and why?

“Whoever’s responsible seems to work under cover of darkness,” commented one villager in Aberporth. “We’re wondering whether they might represent a trail of some sort?”

Local county councillor Gethin Davies was also at a loss to offer an explanation.

“They must mean something, but who knows what?” he told the Tivyside. “I have absolutely no idea who or what is behind all this.”

Some observers have suggested the figures may be the clandestine work of members of the Save The Teifi campaign group or the local branch of the Men’s Shed.

Unless you, of course, know any different...