A CARMARTHENSHIRE-based organisation that helps to save endangered animals in Africa has been boosted after a celebrity has signed up as an ambassador.

Dogs 4 Wildlife is a not-for-profit organisation that trains dogs in Carmarthenshire who will then be deployed to assist rangers in the fight against rhino poaching and other wildlife crimes in Africa.

Dogs 4 Wildlife currently has more than 15 dogs out in southern Africa who are helping to reduce the numbers of poaching incidents by around 75 per cent, playing a huge part in conserving rhinos as well as other endangered wildlife.

The organisation has now been joined by Louise Redknapp as an ambassador who has the aim to raise awareness on the poaching crisis in Africa, where one rhino is poached every 16 hours on average.

The animal lover – known for being a member of girl group Eternal before a successful solo career, and the ex-wife of former footballer Jamie Redknapp – said: “It is so important to raise awareness of issues including wildlife extinction, endangerment and global wildlife trafficking and poaching.

“I’ve teamed up with Dogs 4 Wildlife, who supply highly trained and fully supported conservation dogs alongside advanced ranger training to reserves, conservancies and national parks in need across southern Africa and the world.

“It is a devastating time for poaching across Africa and a rhino is currently poached every 16 hours.”

Tivyside Advertiser: Louise Redknapp is pictured with Dogs 4 Wildlife co-founders Jacqui Law and Darren Priddle, as well as Nkosi, one of the dogs in training.Louise Redknapp is pictured with Dogs 4 Wildlife co-founders Jacqui Law and Darren Priddle, as well as Nkosi, one of the dogs in training. (Image: Dogs 4 Wildlife)

Darren Priddle, Dogs 4 Wildlife’s director and co-founder, said: “Dogs 4 Wildlife is a passion led, dedicated organisation with a view to both the inspiration of our future generations to connect with nature and the continued protection and conservation of our planet’s diverse wildlife.

“Having Louise Redknapp support our organisation, who herself is an inspiration to many and has, as we do, an intrinsic love for all animals is an absolute honour and privilege.

“Working collaboratively to help safeguard the planet’s wildlife and educate our children to the value of our planet’s natural environments is the key to a sustainable future. In combination with Louise’s dedication and passion, our projects can have more wide-reaching impact towards this vision.”

Jacqui Law, fellow co-founder and director, added: “It was such a great honour to meet Louise, someone with the same level of passion and commitment towards dogs and animals in general, her ethos towards both conservation and community empowerment shone through and we instantly connected.

“She has such a wonderful aura and together we can play a small part in trying to conserve as many animals for our children and grandchildren as possible.

“We all can play a part in protecting this planet and turning the tide of destruction into a brighter future.”

548 rhinos were poached in Africa last year according to latest reports from the governments and agencies. This included KwaZulu-Natal which saw 295 rhinos poached last year, 28 of those in just 40 days.

Dogs 4 Wildlife are hoping to get more dogs deployed in 2024, including Bavarian Mountain Hound Nkosi.