WORK will be able to go ahead on improving a Newcastle Emlyn school after planning permission was granted.

Plans were submitted by Carmarthenshire County Council’s planning department’s John Fearn for work to be done to Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn.

The work will include building a multipurpose play area as well as the provision of a surfaced car park area next to the leisure centre building.

The area for the vehicle access and hard standing is currently mown grass amenity space and will be turned into the car parking area by using Tarmacadam bound surface to car parking area and surfaced multi-purpose area.

Currently the boundary area is chain-link fencing but this will be replaced with a 3metre high secure by design steel mesh fencing.

Three trees will be removed as they are above the drainage network and are leaning on an adjacent building, but additional trees will be planted to offset this loss.

On January 17, Carmarthenshire County Council approved the plans with the conditions that the work must be started within five years of the approval date and be done in line with the approved plans.

The access and turning area and car parking spaces must also be put in place prior to the project coming into use and there are conditions for the event of contamination being found during the work and for the materials being used.