RECENTLY a petition calling for the use of Welsh-only road signs when the English and Welsh versions are similar, has led to the topic of English and Welsh language across the nation.

Across Wales – including Ceredigion, north Pembrokeshire and north Carmarthenshire – signs are in both English and Welsh, with the likes of Llandysul and Llandyssul, St Dogmaels and Llandudoch, New Quay and Cei Newydd, Cardigan and Aberteifi, being visible on some road and town signs.

The petition calls for the English name – for example Llandysul – to be removed from the signs if there is not much difference between the two versions, and to just use the Welsh name. It would have no effect on the ones that are vastly different, such as most of the above examples.

We asked our readers what their views were and were given a number of opinions on both sides of the argument. Here are just some of them:

Steven Young said: “There's meaning behind a Welsh place name. Dynbych y Pysgod (little fortress of the fish), reflects its origins as a coastal fort. Tenby on the other hand just shows that visitors in the past couldn't be bothered to try and learn our language. The Welsh language has to come first if it is going to survive.”

David Adams said: “It's time that non Welsh speakers made an effort to learn the Welsh language. People have very recently come to live in Wales from the Ukrainian, Syria and Afghanistan and have made the effort to integrate within Welsh societies including learning the Welsh language.”

However, Jamie Ayres responded: “That's a wider topic. Someone coming on holiday to Wales isn't going to learn the language any more than I'm going to learn more than a few phrases in Portuguese if I go to Portugal for a fortnight.

"However, equally, why shouldn't Welsh places use their proper Welsh names? I don't expect other countries to Anglicise their place names for my benefit so I think it's a good idea.

"In fact, Welsh place names are often very easy to translate with very little Welsh language ability and often give a quick and fascinating insight into what the town, village or area is/was.”

Emma Jones added: “Place names should remain original no need to translate. But the bilingual for the rest like Croeso/Welcome is fine in my opinion.”

Jo Hutchings said: “Leave it as it is, Welsh first then English. Why spend money on changing everything.”

Esme Wallis said: “Place names should be left in Welsh whereas directions, information etc should be bilingual for safety reasons. Always Welsh first and English second Has anyone considered the cost of altering/changing the signage?”

After the launch of the original petition, a secondary petition calling for keeping Welsh town names in both English and Welsh has also been set up.