A local sailing instructor has been arrested by Metropolitan police officers after taking part in a march calling on the government to halt all new licences for oil, gas and coal extraction.

Hannah Schafer (60) who is a sailing instructor at Cardigan Bay Watersports and lives in Tanygroes, near Cardigan,, was arrested on Wednesday, November 8, in London. She was later released on bail.

“I’m painfully aware of how quickly the climate is changing and the dramatic impact that's having on the environment,” she said following her arrest.

“Here in Ceredigion farming, fishing and forestry are all being affected as a result of accelerating climate change and we need to be quickly moving away from our dependence on fossil fuels, not making things worse by increasing our output. New oil won't increase our security, it will hasten our death.

"I’m marching in the hope that it will help give today's young people the chance to have a good life.

"It's hard not to feel powerless out here in West Wales, watching the storm cycle intensifying and seeing the impact of that not only on agriculture, but the natural environment which we take for granted.

"By taking part in the march I feel like I'm doing something positive to help sort out the mess our world is in.”

The protest march was organised by Just Stop Oil.

“More and more ordinary people understand what those involved in our judicial system don’t, and that is that no-one is safe from the consequences of runaway global heating,” commented Just Stop Oil spokesperson.

"Our leaders cannot continue to ignore and exacerbate this crisis by encouraging new oil and gas, while floods and fires consume everything we hold dear. In November, we are calling for daily marches in London until the government comes to its senses and stops new oil and gas."