THESE nine defendants from across west Wales were jailed this month.

The criminals were jailed for offences including rape, attempted grooming, assaulting police officers, stamping on a child, wasting the emergency services’ time, and breaching court orders.

They have been sent down for a combined total of just over 29 years.

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Here’s a round-up of their cases.

Evan Jones

Rapist Evan Jones was jailed for the “persistent sexual abuse” of a young girl over several years the 1980s.

Jones was found guilty of historical sex offences – dated between 1984 and 1988 – following a trial earlier this month. These included two charges of rape and nine of indecent assault. He was acquitted of a further count of rape.

All of the offences involved the same victim, who was aged between eight and 11 at the time. The defendant was aged between 28 and 32.

The court heard that Jones “took advantage of being alone with [the victim]” when accompanying her while she was horse riding.

“He stole my innocence,” the victim said in a statement read out in court. “That I can never get back.”

Jones denied the offences, telling the jury that the victim had “lied from start to finish” and that it was “financially motivated”.

The 67-year-old, of Dre-Fach Felindre, was handed a total determinant sentence of 15 years, with a further one year extended licence. He must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, and was made the subject of an indefinite sexual harm prevention order.

Dyfed-Powys Police have said there is no mugshot of Jones for release.

Nathan Griffiths

Nathan Griffiths became “obsessed” with and “forced himself” on a young girl, before threatening to injure her mother if she reported the attack.

He had denied two offences of rape, dating back to between January 2014 and January 2015, but  was found guilty of both charges by a jury in July.

During the trial, the jury heard that the offences took place at a property in the Newcastle Emlyn area, while the victim was alone with the defendant.

They had been playing Minecraft together, when Griffiths asked her multiple times for oral sex. The victim refused each time.

“She was refusing to do what he wanted, but there came a point he forced her to do so,” prosecutor Robin Rouch said.

Griffiths forced the victim in to oral sex, before he then vaginally raped her.

The jury heard the defendant had developed an “unhealthy interest” in the victim, causing her to be “really worried” about seeing him even after she no longer lived in the area.

She said she blocked him – and several accounts she believed to be him – on social media.

The police became aware of the allegations after the victim reported them to another party around the time of her 18th birthday.

Griffiths, of Golwg Y Castell in Cardigan, was jailed for six years for each offence, both running concurrently. He must register as a sex offender for life, and his victim was granted an indefinite restraining order against him.

Dyfed-Powys Police have said there is no mugshot of Griffiths for release.

Simon Howard

Simon Howard, 32, from Llanybydder, “showed predatory behaviour” as he attempted to groom who he thought was a 12-year-old girl on social media.

The court heard that Howard was talking to who he thought was a 12-year-old girl on social media. The profile was actually being run by an undercover officer from Tarian - the Regional Organised Crime Unit for southern Wales.

Tivyside Advertiser: Predator Simon Howard was jailed for attempting to groom who he thought was a 12-year-old girl on social media.Predator Simon Howard was jailed for attempting to groom who he thought was a 12-year-old girl on social media. (Image: Dyfed-Powys Police)

The content of the conversations showed that Howard acknowledged he was talking to a child, and he went on to graphically describe numerous sexual acts and plan to meet with the child.

Howard pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual communication with a child, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, and arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence, and was jailed for six years on October 9.

He must register as a sex offender for a period of 10 years, and was made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order for the same period of time.

Jesse Nicholson

At around 9.30pm on September 9, police were called to Queen’s Parade following reports of a man shouting in the street.

Jesse Nicholson was standing barefooted in the street shouting, wearing a hoodie back to front. His feet were bleeding and he was drunk.

He initially allowed the officers to help him – with one bandaging up his feet – but when they went to arrest him after discovering he was subject to a community protection notice, he became “verbally abusive”.

Nicholson – who had been sat on the ground – kicked an officer in the chest when he tried to help him up.

He kicked the officer “several times to the legs and chest” and “threatened to kill him”, before kicking the female officer with a “glancing blow” to the cheek. He then grabbed her and tried to bite her arm.

Back-up arrived, and Nicholson kicked another female officer in the chest.

Nicholson, 44, of Queensfield in Tenby admitted assaulting the three officers.

Judge Paul Thomas KC described this as a “disgraceful incident” as he jailed Nicholson for three months, running concurrently with his current sentence.

“I sincerely hope when you are released in January you will get the help you need. I wish the best for you,” Judge Thomas added.

He fined Nicholson a nominal fee of £1 for breaching the community protection notice.

Michael Brown

A drunk man called 999 five times in just over 90 minutes claiming to have had a heart attack and giving false names – including Engelbert Humperdinck and Archibald Windybottom.

Michael Brown was described by the judge as a “habitual waster of the time of the emergency services” as he was sentenced at Swansea Crown Court.

Brown was subject of a criminal behaviour order since September last year which barred him from contacting the emergency services unless in a genuine emergency, and ordered that he must give his name and location whenever he did call 999.

However, between 1.52am and 3.39am on October 3, he phoned for an ambulance five times, prosecutor Brian Simpson told the court.

He claimed to be having a heart attack, and gave false names – including Engelbert Humperdinck, Archibald Windybottom, and John Callaghan – as well as false addresses.

Brown was “abusive” towards a call handler, and when asked to give his name and address, he replied: “That would be inadvisable because I’ll find out where you live and blow your house up”.

The police and ambulance attended Brown’s address at around 7.30am, and he was warned about calling the emergency services.

It wasn’t until October 6 – after another two calls to the ambulance service – that the police arrested him. Then, he was also abusive to the paramedics who attended.

Brown, 63, of Talsarn, admitted the offences, and was jailed for 16 months.

A request for Brown's mugshot has been sent to Dyfed-Powys Police.

Filipe Cruz

Filipe Cruz has been jailed after he was caught on camera kicking a vulnerable child.

Cruz admitted a charge common assault by kicking a seven-year-old with learning difficulties – using a stamping motion – in Carmarthen on August 16.

After noticing the camera, Cruz unplugged it to attempt to cover his tracks. However, when the child’s mother saw the camera had been unplugged, she confronted Cruz.

He initially told her that he had kicked the child, but accidentally as it was dark. The mother accepted this explanation, but after reviewing the footage two days later, she reported the incident to the police.

“Very fortunately, the little one did not have any physical injuries,” prosecutor Ieuan Rees said.

Cruz, 32, has no previous convictions, had been in contact with the Home Office about voluntary deportation back to Brazil.

Cruz was jailed for 135 days in prison – which approximately equals to the maximum sentence of six months minus 25 per cent for his guilty plea.

Rennie Edwards

Rennie Edwards breached a Domestic Violence Protection Order within hours of it being imposed on him.

Edwards was ordered not to have any direct or indirect contact with his former partner after being convicted of punching her repeatedly to her face. However, the 56-year-old turned up on her doorstep in Haverfordwest just hours later.

“He was made the subject of a Domestic Violence Protection Order on Friday, October 20, but the following morning he breached it,” magistrates were told.

The court heard that this was Edwards’ 14th breach of a domestic violence protection order, and he was described as "showing a complete disregard” for the order.

Edwards, of Slade Park in Haverfordwest, pleaded guilty to the breach, and was sentenced to six weeks in custody.

Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown was jailed due to his “flagrant disregard for court orders” after breaching a community order.

Brown had pushed a police constable on June 19 in Milford Haven, before telling him “I'm going to f****** kill you”, “I'm going to bite your face off” and “I'm going to knock you out” whilst lunging towards him.

He was originally sentenced to a community order at Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court on August 2.

However, Brown failed to attend an office appointment on September 6 and did not attend his unpaid work on October 2. He admitted the breach of the order.

Brown, 34, of Meyler Crescent in Milford Haven, had his previous community order revoked, and was jailed for eight weeks. He was ordered to pay £60 in costs.

Nathan Anderson

Nathan Anderson assaulted another man and then damaged two police custody cells.

Anderson, 28, of no fixed abode, faced a charge of assault by beating and two of criminal damage when he appeared at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court on September 27.

He had previously admitted all the charges.

It was alleged that he had attacked his victim in Ystradowen on September 5. Both of the criminal damage charges relating to damaged police custody cells in Llanelli were also committed on that date.

Anderson was jailed for eight weeks, running concurrently for each offence. He must also pay £350 in compensation to Dyfed-Powys Police for the damage caused.