Questions are being raised after Cardigan was hit by severe flooding last weekend which left many cars stranded in Quay Street car park and several properties flooded in Gloucester Row and The Strand.

Residents have confirmed that no advance warnings were given by Natural Resources Wales nor Ceredigion County Council, with the result that people were unable to erect their floodgates in time to protect their homes, while vehicles left in the Quay Street car park quickly became submerged by the rising tide.

“Far greater communication needs to take place between the Natural Rivers Authority and Ceredigion County Council,” commented St Mary Street resident and Cardigan town councillor, Philippa Noble.

“Everyone who lives in parts of the town which are susceptible to flooding is supposed to get advance flood warnings from the NRA, which gives people time to get their floodgates up and ensure that any vehicles are moved to a safe place.

“But on Saturday, no warnings whatsoever were given by the NRA.

"The first I knew was around 7.30pm when my neighbour rang to say that the water was getting into her house.”

Cllr Noble said that the flood waters had risen to a height of around five inches in parts of The Strand as well as in the Quay Street car park.

“At least two properties were flooded as well as several cars, because by the time we all realised what was happening it was too late,” she continues.

“A few town councillors came out to warn people not to drive into the car park, but this simply isn’t sufficient.

“There are signs in the car park warning people of flooding, but members of the public don’t know when the flooding is going to take place. A lot of people assume it’s only when there are storms, but this isn’t the case.

"Much of it depends on the high tides, so it’s only fair that this information is passed on to the general public by the Natural Rivers Authority and Ceredigion County Council in good time to avoid further flooding, as we saw last weekend.

“The car park obviously generates an income, but I’m sorry.  What’s the point of that when you consider the damage that’s being caused to the vehicles?

"A far greater level of communication needs to be taking place.”

Cllr Noble said that the following day (Sunday), warnings were issued by the NRA enabling people to take the necessary precautions. Dyfed-Powys Police also sent messages to Ceredigion Council requesting that sandbags be positioned in front of properties that were at risk of further flooding.

Natural Resources Wales has been asked to comment on the flood warnings which were released to Cardigan residents over the weekend.