Innovative AI tech company Delineate has chosen West Wales as the centre of operations for its global customer base, helping to strengthen the Welsh tech sector and opening up opportunities for local people.

Delineate, a research technology company pioneering new ways of gathering consumer insights - and whose customers include major food and drink brands - will be based in Ceredigion.

The exact location has yet to be confirmed after Delineate said they are still ‘dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s’ in the final contract proceedings.

This announcement comes as Wales Tech Week -  October 16 -18 - celebrates Welsh technology and champions the industry on an international stage, promoting local expertise in emerging technologies and investment in the Welsh tech scene.

The new office will house 50 employees working across a range of roles in the business, whose innovative approach to conducting surveys helps brands understand their customers and the world in real-time, to make better business decisions.

Delineate is the first business in this research technology sector to establish a presence in the area. The move is in part due to the rollout of superfast broadband in the area, which has enabled businesses to choose Ceredigion as a location by bringing fast, reliable connectivity that boosts business capabilities.

Not only is this good news for businesses, but also for young people in the area who, with these growth opportunities, could face very different futures.

The ambition of Ceredigion Council’s own economic strategy is to give young people who wish to stay and develop a career in Ceredigion the opportunities to do so. Delineate’s expansion and office launch will be a further step toward realising those ambitions.

Delineate CEO and founder, James ‘JT’ Turner, said: “Having fallen in love with rural Wales over 25 years ago, when looking to put down roots and grow our business, Ceredigion was a natural choice.

“We didn’t get here on our own - our work with partners like Business Wales and Ceredigion Council has been crucial. If we can help others in the tech ecosystem take steps towards similar success of their own, I’d be delighted.

“I can’t wait to show people what’s next for Delineate and its people in this beautiful part of the world.”

Ceredigion County Councillor Clive Davies, who is the Cabinet Member for Economy and Regeneration has welcomed the announcement.

“We’ve identified supporting businesses to get started and grow as a key priority in our Economic Strategy," he said.

"Ceredigion is a county where many have established thriving and successful businesses. The investment by Delineate is warmly welcomed by Ceredigion County Council, and we look forward to seeing the launch of the new office create many opportunities for our people and for our wider business network."