RESIDENTS in Ceredigion are among those at the least risk of burglary across the UK, new data has revealed.

Homes in the SY23 was recorded as having the second lowest rate of insurance claims relating to burglaries, according to figures published by MoneySuperMarket.

More than seven million home insurance quotes from MoneySuperMarket customers were analysed to find the UK postcodes with the highest and lowest rates of burglary claims since 2020.

The SY23 postcode – which covers Llanon and areas north of Aberaeron, including Aberystwyth – was ranked as having the second lowest burglary rate in the UK, with 0.34 claims in every 1,000 involving burglaries.

Only Cambridgeshire’s PE15 postcode – with 0.28 burglaries per 1,000 claims – was deemed a safer area in the UK in terms of burglaries.

Tivyside Advertiser: The SY23 postcode in Ceredigion had the second lowest rate of burglary claims in the UK.The SY23 postcode in Ceredigion had the second lowest rate of burglary claims in the UK. (Image: MoneySuperMarket)

Elsewhere, three Carmarthenshire postcodes were also included in the 50 areas with the lowest rates of burglaries.

The SA33 postcode – which covers St Clears, Pendine and Laugharne – was ranked as having the 13th lowest burglary rate, with 0.63 claims in every 1,000 involving burglaries.

SA15 – covering Pontyberem, Pontyates and Felinfoel – was ranked 35th lowest (0.84 burglaries per 1,000 claims), while SA14 – which includes Cross Hands, Tumble, Penygroes Gorslas and Drefach – was 47th lowest with 1.03 burglary claims in every 1,000.

At the other end of the scale, B94 in Warwickshire (57.83), SE24 in Greater London (57.01) and WD7 in Hertfordshire (54.27) had the highest rates of burglaries across the UK.

No Welsh postcodes were listed in the 50 areas at highest risk of burglaries.

David McDermottroe, home insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket said: “After a prolonged period of lockdowns and covid restrictions, last year saw us getting back to the office, travel opening up, and more socialising with friends.

“Unfortunately, the extra time spent away from our homes provided burglars with more opportunities. In fact, our research found that burglary claims last year were 106 per cent higher than those recorded in 2020, rising from 7.79 to 16.01 per 1,000 quotes.

“If we take simple and effective preventative measures like installing an alarm, investing in decent locks for windows and doors and keeping valuables such as laptops and keys out of sight it will not only make our homes less attractive to burglars, but it will be harder for them to break in.”

MoneySuperMarket has advised taking steps to deter burglars, including making sure quality locks are installed on your locks and doors, marking possessions with a UV security pen, installing cameras and automatic sensor lights, getting an alarm installed by an accredited supplier, and keeping valuables away from windows and storing car keys out of sight.

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