TWO women have been jailed after grabbing a woman by the throat and stealing a packet of cigarettes.

Kirsten Davies and Lauren Clark appeared at Swansea Crown Court charged with robbery following the incident on July 24.

The victim has been out with friends, and was walking back through Aberystwyth at around 11pm. When she went to cross Great Darkgate Street, Davies and Clark approached her.

“One of them grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall,” prosecutor Ieuan Rees said.

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The victim’s bag was snatched and swung around before being thrown to the floor. The defendants then grabbed a packet of Sovereign Super King cigarettes from the bag.

One of the women turned to the victims and said “Don’t f*** with her. Now f*** off, bye.”

The victim was left with some reddening around her throat, and the pair were later arrested.

In a statement read out in court, the victim said she didn’t feel safe walking down the street in Aberystwyth following the incident.

Clark, 24, of no fixed abode, has 15 previous offences since 2020, while Davies, 26, of Garth Dinas in Penparcau, has 34 previous offences.

Tivyside Advertiser: Kirsten Davies has been jailed for robbery.Kirsten Davies has been jailed for robbery. (Image: Dyfed-Powys Police)

Davies told the court in a letter that her time in HMP Eastwood Park had “given me the chance to think about my behaviour”.

“I will be forever sorry to the victim and forever remorseful about my actions that night,” she added.

Ian Ibrahim, for Davies, said she had “little recollection” of the incident due to alcohol, but accepted the prosecution’s case.

Mr Ibrahim said Davies had money and her own tobacco on her that night so doesn’t know why she committed the robbery for a packet of cigarettes.

“Her problem has been alcohol. From at least 18 when it became problematic, and before that. At 18 she would drink a litre a day of vodka,” he said.

Jon Tarrant, for Clark, said she also had “little recollection” of the incident “due to her alcohol consumption”.

Tivyside Advertiser: Lauren Clark was jailed for robbery.Lauren Clark was jailed for robbery. (Image: Dyfed-Powys Police)

He said the defendant was remorseful and had “deep regret” over the offending.

He told the court that the defendant has received help for mental health issues and for “dealing with her anger”.

“This offence is hugely unpleasant,” said Judge Geraint Walters. “A lone female was walking the streets of Aberystwyth at the dead of night and was approached by you two, no doubt under the influence of substances.

“The two of you approached her and wrestled her bag from her and then made off with no more than a pack of cigarettes.”

Judge Walters said that a pre-sentence report described Davies as “unmanageable in the community”.

They were each sentenced to a year in prison.