Questions are being raised after a woman who wished to be buried in the same grave as her husband was allegedly buried in a separate grave two feet away.

Concern was first raised when the grave digger responsible for burying her husband in 2016 noticed a fresh grave in Llangoedmor churchyard, two days prior to her funeral in June of this year. The fresh grave had been dug alongside her husband.

Further enquiries suggested that despite the 76-year-old woman’s request to have been buried in the same grave as her late husband, she had been interred at his side.

The husband’s headstone had been removed in preparation for the grave to be reopened and its concrete base was clearly visible at the head of his grave.

“Its extremely disappointing that this has been allowed to happen,” commented one of the officials who was responsible for her late husband’s burial.

“Her wish was always to be buried with her husband, but sadly this doesn’t appear to have happened.

“I know exactly where his grave was as I was involved with his burial several years ago. Instead of being buried with him, she has been laid at his side.”

Following their concerns, a meeting was held at the churchyard last Saturday morning led by the Archdeacon of Cardigan, the Rev Canon Eileen Davies, as well as the undertaker responsible for her burial, namely Mr Peter Evans , his grave digger, an independent grave digger, the stone mason and Mr Evans’ solicitor.

Following the site meeting, the Church confirmed that because the deceased has been buried in close proximity to her husband, the Church in Wales is content to close the issue.

“Their decision is extremely disappointing,” continued the spokesperson who has requested not to be named.

“I would like to know the Church’s reasonings in reaching this conclusion as the wishes of the deceased don’t appear to have been taken into consideration.

"She has not been buried where she wished and it's now up to the Church in Wales to explain why."

The Church in Wales and the undertaker, Mr Peter Evans, have been asked to comment on the situation, but have not responded.