A major search got underway on Wednesday after a dog was swept into the flooded Teifi.

Reggie, who is a black and white old tyme bulldog was walking with his owner along the Gorge Trail in the Welsh Wildlife Centre near Cardigan, when he slipped down the riverbank and got swept away by the Teifi which was in full flow.

The Cardigan RNLI Lifeboat was paged just before midday and responded by sending their Class D Lifeboat to the scene.

“As we made up way up river we could see that it was in flood and had a very strong flow,” commented one of the Cardigan RNLI crew members.

“The dog’s owner had initially tried to enter the water and rescue the dog but when they realised that Reggie couldn’t be reached, they managed to get back to the shore.”

The Lifeboat then made its way upriver and the crew carried out a search along the shoreline.

“There were certain areas where our crew members were able to get out of the boat and search along the riverbank assisted by HM Cardigan Coastguard,” added the crew member.

“We spent several hours searching but sadly we failed to find Reggie”.

Reggie’s owner has now launched an alert with ‘Missing Dog Team Wales’ in the hope that the dog will be found and reunited with his owner.

Reggie is microchipped and was wearing a green harness at the time of his disappearance. Any information or sightings concerning his whereabouts should be reported to 07496 516713.