A near 100-year-old tradition continued with gusto once again this year when Aberporth celebrated Dydd Iau Mawr on its traditional date, namely the second Thursday in August.

The event, which translates as 'Big Thursday', stems back to 1929 when a bilingual declaration confirmed that the village Welfare Park belongs to the people of Aberporth.

“Once again it was a fantastic afternoon that extended well on into the evening," commented County Cllr Clive Davies.

Tivyside Advertiser: Dydd Iau MawrDydd Iau Mawr (Image: Cllr Clive Davies)

"And this proved once again what a wonderfully strong community we have here in Aberporth.

“We had Ar Ol Tri entertaining people with song on one side of the town and artist Helen Elliott painting on another and then there was cake from Tarten, sweet treats and competitions by Clwb Rhwyfo Aberporting Rowing Club and a barbeque from the team of volunteers."

Cllr Davies officially opened the event at 5pm by reading out the handwritten proclamation.

“And then the celebration continued right through to 11pm with live music throughout the evening, which proves what a celebratory event Dydd Iau Mawr continues to be."

Tivyside Advertiser: The band played on into the nightThe band played on into the night (Image: Cllr Clive Davies)

The handwritten proclamation is meant to be read out each year on the second Thursday in August.

Over the years the tradition sadly lapsed however it was revived in 2022 by Cllr Clive Davies.