A LLANDYSUL man has admitted his involvement in a violent incident outside Aberystwyth railway station.

Jamie Langridge, 36, is one of six defendants accused of affray on May 13 last year.

Langridge had initially pleaded not guilty and was due to stand trial alongside Joseph Govier and Robert Thomas on September 4.

However, at a hearing on Friday, August 11, Langridge switched his plea and admitted the offence.

Ian Ibrahim, for Langridge, said: “He admits he punched the individual (Govier) while they were both on the ground.

“He didn’t know the individual had been rendered unconscious.”

Mr Ibrahim said that as Langridge punched Govier, another person “came from the side” and kicked Govier in the head, knocking him out.

Prosecutor James Hartson said this basis of plea was accepted.

“It does appear Joseph Govier was rendered unconscious by two kicks to the head. It happens just before Jamie Langridge punches Joseph Govier four times.

“It was a flurry of punches.

“Arguably he may not have known he was unconscious due to the position they were both in.”

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Although Govier, 30, of Beechley Drive in Pentrebane, Cardiff, was initially involved in the violent incident, Mr Hartson said he was knocked out “very quickly”.

“Given the case he was seriously injured and was hospitalised, the public interest in prosecuting him has to be considered,” he said.

The prosecution formally presented no evidence, and Judge Huw Rees found Govier not guilty.

Robert Thomas, 42, whose given address was HMP Parc Prison, failed to attend Swansea Crown Court. He was ordered to appear next Friday (August 18), where a decision will be made whether he will plead guilty or continue to trial.

Langridge, 36, of Lincoln Street in Llandysul, will be sentenced following the trial.

Jo Lewis, 40, of Pwllhobi Terrace in Llanbadarn Fawr, and Lee Lawton, 46, of Corporation Street in Aberystwyth, have both previously admitted a charge of affray, while Lloyd Govier, 27, of Coed-y-Gores in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to two offences of affray.

An application was made for Lloyd Govier, who was already in prison for an unrelated offence, to be sentenced separately so he could find out whether he would remain in prison long enough to complete a catering course.

He was jailed in July for eight months.