We’ve all heard of Kung Fu Panda, but now it’s time for Po Ping to kick himself out of action and allow Ceredigion’s King Fu Mamas to take centre stage.

Thanks to West Wales Kung Fu, the Aberaeron and Newcastle Emlyn centres of the Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan System are enabling the martial arts to be accessible to all people from all walks of life, including those super-busy mums.

“I sat on the sidelines for about six months while my daughter trained,” said Laura, 46, of Newcastle Emlyn.

"I wanted to join in but I didn’t quite have the confidence. But now I've been training regularly for about a year, I absolutely love it.

"There's so much in society that disempowers women but Kung Fu challenges this and I now feel stronger, more powerful and much more relaxed.

"Kung Fu works my mind and my body and I now have so much more energy. It really is transformational and so much fun.”

With research suggesting that less than 50 per cent of mums meet the recommended levels of physical activity, and 61% feel guilty for even taking the time to exercise, fitness is a struggle for most mums.

Studies suggest this has a direct impact on not only their activity and health but that of their children too.

And now more mums opting to join their kids and learn Kung Fo as opposed to just sitting on the sidelines and watching.

“The kids afre now being given the chance to see a different side of me but it also challenges the gender stereotypes that still surround us with a really positive alternative,” she said.

“But even if the kids weren’t interested, I’d still keep coming.”

Kung Fu is about working on techniques, learning new skills and using your mental strength as much as your physical strength.

“Physically I feel stronger every session and come out buzzing. I’ve met lovely people and everyone helps you whatever stage you’re at and keeps you motivated to improve,” says Beth, 40, Newcastle Emlyn.

“I never saw myself being able to learn a martial art and felt I had missed my chance as a kid. As a woman, it seemed like a testosterone-fuelled world I’d never really be allowed into.

"My daughter dared me to join with her after watching Kung Fu Panda one day and I didn’t want to let her down.

"I have a lot of health issues so I was worried I wouldn’t keep up but it’s become a huge part of our lives now.

"I feel so much more confident and fit, and find it an easier lifestyle to stick to unlike other forms of exercise.

"There’s a real sense of belonging and community in the club which I love and I feel so inspired training with such strong women.

"It takes a lot for them to show up after a long day but they show up with smiles and an unrelenting willingness to improve. I feel really lucky to train with them.”