A Ceredigion town will lose another bank next month.

Lloyds Bank announced last year that it will be closing its Lampeter branch on May 15, and recently put a new review on its website about the branch closure.

The decision was made following a decrease in people using the branch to do their banking, with a rise in people using online or telephone banking instead.

It is one of a number of branches that will be closed in 2023 across the UK and is the second bank to close in the town in less than a year, following Barclays’ closure on August 23, 2022.

Lloyds has said that since 2017 there has been a 66 per cent decrease in the number of people with personal accounts using the branch, and that there are just 88 regular customers using the branch.

The bank found that 69 per cent of branch users have either used other Lloyds branches or phone or online banking.

In a report on Lloyds’ website in the last week, the bank highlighted that a number of community figures were contacted and that they had received feedback that regular customers were ‘very disappointed’ about the closure of the branch.

They said they had called individual customers who they know use the branch as the main way to bank.

Concerns were raised by councillor Bowen Morgan about the alternative branches of Carmarthen and Cardigan being too far away.

Lloyds has said there will be a community banker visiting the town for a short period of time following the closure to provide support and advice to both its personal and business account holders.

The nearest branch for customers is in Carmarthen - 21.86 miles away - and an hour's bus ride.

It is another blow to Ceredigion residents as in the last few years, a number of banks have closed including Barclays’ branches in Lampeter (2022), Aberaeron (2019), Llandysul (2017) and Newcastle Emlyn (2018).