THE 24 hour care provided at a Llanybydder residential complex has been removed and will be replaced by a new service.

Cwm Aur residents had care provided to them by Pobl Group for a number of years, allowing for a 24/7 service, according to relatives of residents living at the complex.

But due to budget cuts, the care is no longer being provided. Carmarthenshire County Council has changed how care is being provided for residents in Cwm Aur.

A statement by the council stated that after discussions with Pobl it was agreed that the care could be provided in a ‘more sustainable way.’

One relative of a resident living at Cwm Aur said that they had to arrange meetings with both groups involved and that the complex will now only be staffed from 9am to 5pm, leading to concern about residents being left to fend for themselves.

“It will be effectively downgraded to a retirement facility for the over 55s,” said one relative, who also claimed that around 16 staff were being made redundant.

“The residents feel that they have been left in the dark as they were not consulted about the proposed changes – merely informed that it had already been decided

"Their views are that neither the council nor Pobl have given any serious thought to how these changes will affect life at Cwm Aur, and that this is just a careless and callous cost cutting exercise.”

The council stated that occupancy levels for extra care residents has remained ‘very low’ for a number of years and so the council has agreed that Pobl will no longer be providing care and this will instead be a domiciliary service arranged by either the council or an external home care agency.

The council said that the needs of all affected residents have been assessed by social workers and alternative arrangements for care are being put in place.

The council also confirmed that a number of Pobl staff have been issued redundancy notices and that they have provided Pobl with a list of vacancies in the council that the staff may wish to consider.

Tivyside Advertiser: Cwm Aur is a residential development of 40 apartments designed for people aged 55 .Cwm Aur is a residential development of 40 apartments designed for people aged 55 . (Image: Cwm Aur)

Cabinet Member for Health and Social Services, Cllr. Jane Tremlett said: “Carmarthenshire County Council appreciates that this is a difficult and unsettling time for residents and staff of Cwm Aur.

"As with any change, transition is always difficult, and the Council will work with residents, their families and Pobl group to effectively manage that change.

“Whilst the change does mean a different model of care for the residents, the Council is confident that there will be alternative providers in place to manage that care and no resident will be in a position of being left without care when the contract with Pobl group comes to an end.

“The Council will continue to work in partnership with Pobl group to bring the situation to a successful resolution.”