Fishing boats and sailors are being warned to keep away from an area of Cardigan Bay this month, as the MoD carries out live firing training.

The MoD’s Aberporth range will carry out live firing off the coast between Cardigan and New Quay from today, Monday, April 3 to Friday, April 21.

This week live firing will take place within a radius of 2.7 nautical miles just off the coast today. However, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the live firing will also take place in a much larger area, with a radius of 10 nautical miles, out to sea.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week the range will be closed.

Next week the range will be closed on Monday but live firing will take place a little further out to sea from Tuesday, April 11 to Friday April 14

The firing will cover an area with a radius of 10 nautical miles and will take place out to sea between Cardigan and Aberystwyth.

From April 17 until April 21 a smaller area with a radius of 2.7 nautical miles off the coast of Aberporth will be used.

Firing is scheduled to take place between 10am and 4pm this week; 12pm to 4pm next week and 9am to 4pm during the final week.

For safety, parts of the Danger Area are temporarily cleared of shipping during firings.

The MOD will be making broadcasts on IMM channel 16 and 11 under the call sign Aberporth Marine Control throughout the days of the trial.

Sailors should keep their VHF radio on and listen for broadcasts on channel 16 and 11, contact the MoD on entering or exiting the Danger Area and ensure their radar reflector is mounted correctly.


Tivyside Advertiser: Live firing in Cardigan Bay this week. Live firing in Cardigan Bay this week. (Image: MoD/ Qinetiq)


Anyone who wishes to find out more can also contact the MOD on 01239 813480 or 01239 813760 or visit

Pilots can contact Aberporth Air Traffic Control, which provides a Danger Area Activity Information Service on 01239 813219.

Aberporth ATC also provide a Danger Area Crossing Service on the same frequency when activity inside the Danger Area means it is safe to do so.

“Any pilot wishing to cross active Danger Areas must comply with all ATC instructions,” said an MoD spokesperson.

“If they are unwilling or unable to comply then they should plan to remain clear throughout the flight.

Pilots of all aircraft types, including microlights and para-gliders, flying in the area of any of the Danger Areas should contact Aberporth Radar by radio (frequency 119.650MHz) in advance to ensure that they avoid the ranges when they are active.