A batch of possible ‘killer drugs’ may be in circulation on the streets of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service (DDAS) said that it has been alerted to a potentially fatal batch of capsules that may be circulating , following reports of people overdosing after taking pregabalin.

The potentially lethal drugs are in the form of red and white capsules with 'Signature' written on them.

If you have any information on these capsules, or have any questions, you can contact DDAS on 03303639997.

DDAS has also recently received information about a new drug circulating in the three counties called Magic.

This is understood to be crack cocaine cut with magic mushrooms.

The service says that the drug is causing ‘significant side effects’, including psychosis and hallucinations, even to experienced users.

Anyone with any concerns or questions can contact DDAS on 03303639997, via its social media platforms or its webchat on Barod.Cymru.