CARDIGAN's Mwldan venue will host James Phelan – the Greatest Magician – on March 10.

He previously visited the venue last year where he captivated the audience with his illusions and magic.

The show will focus on ‘mind-bending’ feats of illusion from making people forget their names to transporting iPhones from the auditorium into blocks of ice. It was directed by the late Paul Daniels and aims to have audiences in stitches and disbelief.

James is also known for jamming the BBC's switchboard after correctly predicting the lottery numbers.

James Phelan – the Greatest Magician - will be at Mwldan on Bath House Road, Cardigan, on Friday, March 1o at £7.30pm.

Tickets cost £15 for adults, £13 for concessions and £10 for children under 16. There is also a £30 VIP ticket which gives access to the show, a pre-show magic show, goody bag and signed poster. Tickets can be bought from or by calling 01239 621200 but please note, the phone lines are open from 12pm to 8pm Tuesday to Sunday.