A LOCAL hospice is restarting its monthly respite service.

Skanda Vale Hospice, located in Saron, near Llandysul, will be opening its respite service this month, providing a week-long stay for patients.

The hospice will welcome up to six individuals with life-limiting illnesses to stay at the facility, which is fully-fitted, for one week per month.

The aim of this free service is to provide family, friends and loved ones who spend their time caring for the individuals to have a much-needed break.


Staff and volunteers are busy preparing to welcome back those taking part in the respite services and are looking for people to join them in caring and supporting those who need it.

The vast majority of the nurses, carers, kitchen staff, cleaners, office workers and gardeners are all volunteers, offering their services, energy and expertise for free.

The hospice has launched a ‘one night a month’ campaign to encourage health care support workers and carers to dedicate one night a month to caring for the patients with the support of the on-sire registered nurse.

Anyone who would like to volunteer or knows someone who may benefit from the hospice’s care and support, can contact the hospice by visiting www.skandavalehospice.org or by emailing hello@skandavalehospice.org or calling 01559 371222.