SWIMMING lessons will soon be held in Welsh for those who want it thanks to a new project.

Calon Tysul has launched a project to improve Welsh language skills on poolside throughout Wales.

With support from the LEADER Cynnal y Cardi grant plan and Ceredigion County Council’s youth service department, Calon Tysul has launched pilot courses to improve the Welsh language skills of swimming teachers, allowing them to feel confident using the language with their pupils.

Matt Adams, project manager, said: “Although thousands of families across Wales speak Welsh as their main language, access to Welsh-medium swimming lessons has not been very easy for all families.

“We are fortunate in Llandysul to be able to provide our entire learn to swim programme in Welsh, but those opportunities are few and far between in other swimming pools.”

“These courses will help swimming providers improve the Welsh language skills of their workforce by giving them additional swim-specific training based on what we’ve learnt as the main provider of Welsh-medium swimming lessons in south Wales.”

The project will have a number of learning resources on platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat and there are plans for residential courses, with a pilot taking place in March in Llandysul.


Iestyn ap Dafydd, the project’s linguistic consultant, said: “We are currently creating learning resources for ‘micro’ lessons on platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat. These would be for anyone that wants to be able to learn a few Welsh words or terms for teaching swimming.

“We’re also planning a residential pilot course to take place in March in Llandysul and this is for people who already speak the language but who want to improve their confidence in using their Welsh when teaching children swimming.

“The course could also be useful for Welsh-medium primary teachers who would like to become more familiar with Welsh swimming terminology.”

For more information about the programme, visit https://calontysul.cymru/datblygu-sgiliau-cymraeg-athrawon-nofio or contact Matt Adams on matt@calontysul.cymru or 01559 362548.