A major new housing development on the site of Aberporth’s former sports and social club is being hailed as an integral lifeline to boost Parcllyn.

“This is most definitely an upbeat move,” commented county councillor Gethin Davies.

“What’s important, is that new homes are being built for local people and to see them arriving in Parcllyn is a very positive thing.”

The application was approved last week by Ceredigion County Council’s planning committee. A total of 43 new dwellings will now be built at the former MOD site in Parcllyn.

These will include six on-site affordable dwellings and a mixture of one, two, three, four and five bedroom houses.

It will also include a £47,500 contribution towards the redevelopment of the existing play park and playing field which are still owned by the Ministry of Defence.

To enable this to proceed, the developers must now enter into a S106 legal agreement with Ceredigion’s planning authority.

Cllr Davies' comments have been echoed by community councillor Anne McCreary.

"As a community council, we approved this application from the outset as there is a great need for housing in this area," she said.

"Parcllyn needs an investment such as this.

"We've also managed to safeguard the entrance to the children's play area is this is an essential to any housing development."  

The sports field extends over a six-and-a-half acre site and the aim it to use it as a football field and running track.

Parcllyn has been earmarked for further housing developments with future sites being considered adjacent to the old post office.

“Being that Parcllyn is a satellite to Cardigan, any suitable housing developments will be warmly welcomed,” added Cllr Gethin Davies.


The 43 new houses are being developed by Cela Associates, which is based in Felinwynt, near Cardigan.