Is one of west Wales' most popular tourist towns turning into a takeaway mecca?

This is the question that’s gaining momentum this week following a planning application to open yet another kebab takeaway in Cardigan town centre at the former Penny Pinchers shop in Pendre.

According to the inventory of objections that the application has already prompted, the message is coming through loud and clear from some that Cardigan takeaways are past their sell-by, but retail is in desperate demand.

"Last year Cardigan was named as one of the top ten best places to visit in Wales, yet here we have another vacant shop which could soon turn into a kebab takeaway. And this would mean four food premises in a row,” commented one concerned Pendre resident.

“And in the summer, this part of town is hard enough to negotiate as it is, with queues outside all the existing cafes.”

Other fears include:-

  • A deterioration of on-street parking and loading problems;
  • An escalation of rats and other vermin as a result of the litter the takeaway will produce;
  • Noise and anti-social behaviour issues – despite its location in Pendre, which is one of the town’s main retail areas, the street contains a large number of flats as well as many residential properties in nearby streets such as Feidrfair and the Upper Mwldan.

Despite the fact that the property has lain vacant for several years, locals are keen to see the former Penny Pinchers shop used for retail purposes as opposed to food.

“The change of use of the ground floor from A1 to A3 would result in a percentage of units within the primary frontage of Cardigan falling further below the 75 per cent threshold which was set under the local development plan,” commented a town centre businessman.

“Another hot food takeaway would result in yet another dead shop frontage which would have a negative effect on the vitality, viability and attractiveness of the town centre.”

This has been echoed by hairdresser Gwenllian Morgan, who runs Cropad on the road leading to Theatr Mwldan.

“My concern is that there will be more late night disruptions as well as fighting, vomiting, smashing shop windows and people using our shop doorways as toilets,” she said.

“Please don’t let this happen, as Pendre and the High Street are full of lovely independent shops, with no late night disruption or smashed windows.

"But I’m worried about late night crowds and fighting, as I work late and know my clients won’t come in if there are drunk people outside. Please see sense, Ceredigion, and stop this from happening.”

Several Pendre retailers are claiming that if the application goes ahead, they will have to instal security shutters over their windows to protect their properties from damage.

It is understood that the applicant already operates another kebab shop in Finch Square, Cardigan.

The current application will remain open until January 27, 2023 when it will then be considered by the county's planning committee.