THE mysterious rituals of the Celts and the world of archaeology will be highlighted in two brand-new courses at Cardigan Castle starting after the half- term.

Adult Learning Wales tutor Dr Ralph Haeussler will be leading on an evening course looking at Celtic Religions every Monday evening, plus a new Archaeology Day School every Saturday, based at Ty Cadwgan.

Ralph has been an expert archaeologist and ancient historian specialising in the Celtic and Roman worlds for over 25 years.

He studied in Frankfurt and at the Institute of Archaeology in London and taught at Oxford, Osnabrück and Lampeter Universities.

He has published books on ‘Sacred Landscapes’ (2020), ‘Celtic Religions: personal, local, global’ (2017) and ‘Becoming Roman?’ (2013).

Ralph said that Celtic religion ‘belongs to one of the most fascinating and enigmatic religions in the ancient world’, adding: “So much has been written about it, but what do we really know?”

He goes on to add that the new course will explore ‘the rituals of the mysterious druids, the idea of religion in tune with nature, and the Druidic belief in reincarnation’.

The course will examine a jigsaw puzzle consisting of countless finds, intriguing artwork and iconography, the excavated sacred sites and sanctuaries, not to forget the thousands of names of Celtic gods and goddesses.

The course runs every Monday evening between 6-8pm from November 7 to December 17.

Dr Haeusller will also be running an Archaeology Day School every Saturday that aims to explore the world of the archaeologist.

ALW’s curriculum developer for Ceredigion, Dr Jemma Bezant, said: “We are not aiming to excavate anything as part of this course (yet!) but learners will be exploring different themes such as ‘what is archaeology and what do archaeologists do?’.”

The course is primarily classroom-based looking at artefacts, old maps, archives, online digital sources and will have talks by visiting experts.

Learners will also get out and about to learn surveying techniques, visit historic buildings, graveyards and other maritime, military and industrial sites locally.

The Archaeology Day School runs every Saturday at Ty Cadwgan, Cardigan Castle between 10-2pm November 5- December 17.

Courses are free to all over the age of 17 and no prior experience or knowledge is required.

For further information go to or email