A FORMER international journalist from Newcastle Emlyn who learned Welsh as an adult has received the Welsh Tutor of the Year award at the National Eisteddfod in Tregaron.

Richard Vale was presented with a poem by Eisteddfod-chaired poet Mererid Hopwood, Professor in the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies at Aberystwyth University as part of the awards ceremony.

“This is the best job ever,” he said. “Getting to know so many interesting people and everyone with their own story is an unparalleled privilege, and to top it all off, being able to open the door to the world of Welsh is a pure pleasure."

Professor Elizabeth Treasure, Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University, said: "Wales’ unique language is a special national treasure, and a gift to everyone who lives here.

“We are also especially grateful to the tutors who have helped so many learners over the years. “