ABERPORTH residents woke up on Tuesday morning to discover the village had broken the 74-year-old record for Wales’ highest overnight minimum temperature.

The Met Office reported the temperature did not dip below 24.5 celsius on Monday evening - breaking the previous Welsh record set way back in 1948.

It was also higher than the UK’s previous overnight minimum temperature of 23.9 celsius, recorded in Brighton on August 3, 1990.

However, Aberporth did not quite claim the UK record which went to Kenley in England where temperatures did not dip below a sweltering 25.8 celsius.

The record temperatures are yet to be fully verified.

The UK as a whole experienced its warmest night on record on Monday as the extreme heat saw temperatures remaining in the mid-20s.

The Met Office tweeted: “It has provisionally been the warmest night on record in the UK.

“Temperatures didn’t fall below 25C in places, exceeding the previous highest daily minimum record of 23.9C, recorded in Brighton on 3rd August 1990.”

A graphic accompanying the tweet showed the highest overnight minimum temperatures recorded were 24.5C in Aberporth, 25.8C in Kenley, in the London Borough of Croydon, and 25.9C at Emley Moor, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.