He’s one of the most engaging television presenters that Wales has to offer, but last year, Daf Wyn’s career dived into uncertainty when he was told he was suffering from MS.

“Whenever someone receives a diagnosis like that, they automatically think the worse, but when your livelihood revolves around speech and talking, it makes it even harder," he said.

Daf Wyn, who is from St Dogmaels, first started suspecting things weren’t right in March 2021.

“I began suffering from light headedness and feeling a bit dizzy and then I started to have slightly slurred speech," said Daf, a former pupil of Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi.

"I’d get this strange feeling in my head and I knew that within three seconds my speech would start slurring.

"And then a few seconds later everything would get back to normal.

"This happened one afternoon when I was presenting ‘Prynhawn Da’ live and this was when I realised that I had to go and see my GP.”

Daf Wyn was immediately sent to the Heath Hospital, Cardiff where a series of rigorous tests were carried out including two MRIs and a lumbar puncture.

Tivyside Advertiser: Daf Wyn speaks about his experiences of dealing with MS.Daf Wyn speaks about his experiences of dealing with MS.


“Towards the end of the tests, my consultant told me that he suspected I was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis," said Daf.

"Naturally I’d heard about the illness but I didn’t really know anything about what it meant nor how it might affect me.

"And what made it even more difficult to understand was the fact that it’s a ‘snowflake’ disease which means that every single person is affected by it in a different way.

“Yes, it’s frightening to hear news like this but it’s important to never Google. Instead I rang my partner, Catrin, who also happens to be a pharmacist.

"And when I told her, her immediate reaction was ‘OK, that’s fine.’ She knew about all the different ways in which MS can be treated and assured me that once treatment got underway, things would be fine.”

There are currently 17 different MS treatments, two of which were only developed in the last 12 months.

After being given the choice of five different forms of treatment Daf Wyn, on the advice of his consultant, opted for the most robust - Alemtuzumab.

“Everyone who is diagnosed with MS gets a nurse and mine, Jackie, speaks Welsh, thank God, so I’ve been able to talk to her in a very open and honest way," he said.

"She told me that throughout the treatment process, it was important to carry on leading life as normal.

"Yes, I was worried that the whole process was going to be awful and she told me that yes, it can be and that’s the reality. But these days people can expect to die with MS and not because of it. And this has helped me a lot.”

Tivyside Advertiser: Daf Wyn speaks about his experiences of dealing with MS,Daf Wyn speaks about his experiences of dealing with MS,

Daf Wyn came out of hospital in March 2021 and decided to go back to work in mid June to record a piece on the re-opening of the White Hart pub, St Dogmaels.

He spent the next few months working from home and then returned to the studio on a full-time basis towards the end of September.

Next week he will receive his final Alemtuzumab treatment and is confident that his MS is now firmly under control.

“I’ll continue having MRIs every year for as long as I have to and I must also have a monthly blood test for the next four years, but that’s fine. It’s a case of deal and adapt as you go on," he said.

"I haven’t had slurred speech for over a year and I can honestly say that I’ve been extremely fortunate.

"But I’m a very positive person and made a point from the outset, that this was how I was going to deal with it. And it works.”

Daf Wyn has now made an hour long programme for S4C’s Drych series entitled ‘Byw Gyda MS’ (Living with MS) which will be broadcast next Tuesday, July 5, at 9pm, with subtitles.

Appearing with him on the programme will be Angharad Lloyd from Blaenffos and Ruth Martin, from St Dogmaels who are both MS suffers.