Newcastle Emlyn has found itself squarely placed in the entertainment industry this week following news that Gogglebox stars Tony and Chris Ashby-Steed have chosen the town as their new home.

The move follows the slow and heart-wrenching death of Tony’s mother, who suffered a major stroke in 2018, just six months after the couple’s marriage.

Initially they cared for her at their previous home in Brighton, however her gradual deterioration resulted in her having to be hospitalised and ultimately given palliative care at a care home.

"Until mum died, I couldn’t see myself ever moving from that house in Brighton,” he said.

“We'd put our heart, soul and every penny we had into the house and garden and I couldn't imagine leaving it. Then part-way through the year I completely flipped on my head.


“Because I was so close to her, I realised staying in that house was toxic because everywhere I went was mum. Everywhere in Brighton was mum. It was so hard."

And so the couple began trawling through Rightmove in search of their perfect property.

They drew up a shortlist of 20 homes, put their home on the market on the Wednesday and arrived in Wales on the Friday.

The following Monday they phoned the estate agent and put in an offer on the Newcastle Emlyn property.

"As soon as we crosssed the threshold we knew it was the one."

Now, despite having moved in only three-and-a-half months ago, they’ve already sanded floors, painted rooms and converted bathrooms.

Chandeliers hang from the ceilings, dressers line the walls and stunning lights, picked up in a car boot sale for £45, hang on the outside of what will become Chris' hairdressing salon.

They will let their four designated guest rooms out through AirBnB and have set aside one of the reception rooms as a guest lounge.

"Most of the time I'm walking around in scruffs so Newcastle Emlyn hasn't experienced my fashion yet,” said Chris.

 “It's bright, with a lot of big hats and sunglasses.

"Since arriving here, we haven't turned left. There’s so much exploring to do with Pembrokeshire on our doorstep.

"For both of us, it feels like we're in a dream. And it's the best dream we've ever had because we're never going to wake up."