ARTIST Sue Dewhurst has declared the opening event of her art exhibition Rural Lives ‘a huge success’ and would like to thank all the farmers who attended it in Llandysul and shared stories of their farms' histories for her ongoing project.

Sue invited local farmers along to Pwerdy Powerhouse on Saturday to see work on display, depicting her transition from the Yorkshire Dales to west Wales.

Topics that came up were the differences with drystone walling techniques, hedge laying and sheep breed crosses for different terrain in different regions, even locally.

Farmers told stories about their ancestors and lives as farmers. Most had inherited farms and been born into the life with no regrets and spoke fondly of their time.

“One farmer said he hadn't really wanted to go to an art exhibition, especially on a Saturday, but had really enjoyed himself and met up with old friends for a natter too,” said Sue.

“It wasn't what he'd expected, but he was really fascinated by the art techniques and the handling of the subject.”

Lifestyle photographer Adam Johnstone was on hand to take photos and managed to get some candid shots of farmers interacting with the paintings.

Farmer Norman Smart commented: “It was a bit odd having a photographer following us round, but he was such a nice fella and really interested in the farming that we didn't mind at all.

“It was a really good morning.”

All attendees left with a gift bag including safety whistles, torches and a greeting's card with a stamp on it, ‘to encourage them to write to someone they haven't been in contact with for a while’.

The exhibition runs at Pwerdy Powerhouse until and including Sunday, May 29 and is open daily from 10am-4pm - all are welcome.