CARDIGAN town councillors are to renew calls for health chiefs to seek to ensure more bus services are made available for patients attending Cardigan Integrated Health Centre.

The move comes after one member warned that the £24m facility which only opened in December 2019 would be left under-used unless transport issues were addressed.

“I know of some people who actually find it easier to attend Newcastle Emlyn health surgery,” Cllr Nick Bolton told colleagues.

“Unless things improve we could end up with a situation where we have a brand-new health centre which no-one is going to.”

The debate was sparked after former town councillor Morvenna Richards asked whether the town service bus would ever return to regular hours.

She said members of the Bro Teifi Residents Club were struggling to access the health centre as many could not afford taxi fares.

Cllr Marilyn Farmer said that prior to the opening of the centre health chiefs has pledged there would be an hourly bus service.

“Richards Bros are blaming the lack of services on the county council cutting subsidies,” she added.

“There’s not a single Saturday bus service any more, yet there used to be one every hour.

“And it’s not just the town service that has gone; there are those going to Haverfordwest and Carmarthen too.”

Cllr Sian Maehrlein favoured the return of taxi tokens she felt would prove more effective than bus passes.

“Using taxis is a major cost,” agreed Cllr Teresa Harries.

“The elderly are not going to go into town if they’re going to have to wait three hours or so before getting back.

“Because of how things are some of them only go into town twice a week.”

Cllr Catrin Miles said the issue of more bus services was being examined along with the possibility of providing an improved telephone service at the centre and increased signage.

“The people carrying out this review of the site came from quite a way and were actually unable to find the centre,” she revealed.

Cllr Miles added that a new bus stop would be situated in High Street by the end of May.