A PROMISING 13-year-old footballer from Ferwig has been praised for his quick-thinking actions which prevented a potentially fatal accident on the M4 near Swansea.

Hari Thomas and his friend Dylan Pritchard-Evans, 12, from Aberporth, were being driven home from a Swansea City Academy training session by Hari’s mum, Catrin, when she fainted at the wheel near Junction 47.

Sitting alongside her, Hari managed to grab the steering wheel, change gear and guide the Volkswagen onto the hard shoulder.

Once it came to a halt Dylan shouted at Hari from the backseat to engage the handbrake and switch on the hazard warning lights.

Showing admirable team-work the two boys – both pupils at Ysgol y Preseli, Crymych – then flagged down passing motorists, who went to Catrin’s aid.

“We were going out of Swansea when my mum started feeling a bit sick,” Hari told the Tivy-Side.

“We were doing about 60 mph when all of a sudden she just passed out.

“Me and Dylan were on our phones when I saw her head go back – but I was able to grab the wheel and steer for the hard shoulder.”

The boys were later picked by Hari’s uncle while police drove Catrin to Morriston Hospital where she was subsequently discharged after checks.

“What those boys was absolutely brilliant,” said Catrin, who has made a full recovery.

“If Hari hadn’t managed to get control of the car there could have been carnage.”

Hari’s dad proud Martyn said: “He didn’t freeze when many people would have.”