ANGER and shock has been expressed after vandals targeted historic Mwnt Church in what has been branded a ‘hate crime’.

Dyfed-Powys Police is investigating after several windows at the church were found to have been smashed.

Local county councillor Clive Davies was among those to condemn the actions of those responsible.

“What awful news to hear about a much-loved and iconic church where I have family ties,” he told the Tivy-Side.

“Eglwys y Grog contained nothing of value, so this was a senseless act .

“The crime scene investigators have started their work on-site, I understand from correspondence with the local police.

“What happened also ties in to a spate of criminal activity across the area recently.

“With the local police I am exploring new ways of monitoring and alerting authorities for such a remote location.”
In a tweet posted earlier today, Peter Williams, who took photos of the damage, said:

“Sad to see Eglwys Mwnt being targeted again by those who clearly hate this iconic church and all it stands for.

“I hope digital forensics and good old-fashioned detective work will play its part in piecing together this hate crime, bringing those responsible to justice.”

And former Cardigan town mayor, David Lloyd Owen, was similarly appalled.

“Who on earth would want to attack Eglwys y Grog?” he asked.

“It is of the place, it is at the heart of the place.

“It is truly beloved by all of us who live near here.”