MEMBERS of CAMRA – the Campaign For Real Ale – have slammed First Minister Mark Drakeford’s decision to reimpose social distancing measures across Wales.

CAMRA’s Director for Wales Chris Charters said: “This announcement was lacking in any practical details about what this means for pubs and social clubs after December 27.

“This lack of certainty is giving rise to understandable concern that the hospitality sector will again be singled out for additional and unfair restrictions when similar businesses like non-essential retail aren’t facing the same level of measures.

“On top of skyrocketing cancellations, problems with employment, the supply chain and the cost of goods crisis, there is an urgent need for the UK and Welsh governments to work together to deliver a full financial support package to compensate our pubs, social clubs, breweries, and cider makers at this crucial time when they were relying on decent Christmas trade to help them recover and rebuild. 

“This will not be a merry Christmas for anyone working in the hospitality sector.

“Without urgent and comprehensive support pubs will close, people will lose their jobs and communities will lose out on the social and well-being benefits of pub-going.”