The Dyffryn Arms in the Gwaun Valley has been named as the top pub walk in the UK.

Commonly known as Bessie's, the pub is famous for its pints of Bass poured from a serving hatch to customers in her front room.

Market research conducted by country-lifestyle brand Hollands Country Clothing has revealed the top 20 pub walks across the UK where weary walkers and travellers can rest with a good pint, good food, and a roaring fire at the end.

Compiling a list of the best walks across England, Scotland and Wales, the team identified pubs that serve as a way-end point along each route.

They then compared review scores from Trip Advisor and Google reviews to find the best experiences, and cross referenced the results to find locations that not only have a roaring fire, but are also dog friendly.

The Dyffryn Arms took top spot to be crowned the number one best pub walk in the UK, scoring 9.7/10.

"Affectionately known as Bessie’s after it’s beloved landlady, the quaint pub is a great place to grab a cool pint or a warm hot chocolate after a day out exploring in the Gwaun Valley," the report states.

The Plough and Harrow in Glamorgan took second with 9.6/10, while the George & Dragon in Hudswell, North Yorkshire came third with 9.3/10.

"As the last 18 months have shown us, being able to go outside and enjoy the outdoors is important for our mental health and wellbeing," said Matt Holland, MD at Hollands Country Clothing.

"While the autumn days are coming in and the brisk weather is making itself known, there’s even more reason to head out to see the beautiful countryside in all its glory.

"After a long autumn walk, there’s nothing better than finishing up in a cosy pub with a good pint, great food and a roaring fire.

"We decided to put this research together to encourage people across the UK to head out and explore some of the best pub walk experiences this season.

"Not only is it a great way to get out and about and find some amazing hidden gems - it’s a great way to support some truly wonderful local pubs.

"We hope this research will encourage the public to get out and really explore the countryside and discover some of its truly hidden gems.

"We also hope that it will help highlight some truly amazing country pubs, many of which have been hit hard throughout the pandemic, and give a much needed boost to local economies.”