CORONAVIRUS cases have increased by nearly 2,200 in a week in the three counties of the Hywel Dda University Health Board.

Based on Monday, September 13, figures, cases increased by 2,147 in Hywel Dda from Monday, September 6, up to 25,855.

Pembrokeshire increased by 456, to 6,518; Carmarthenshire by 1,350, to 15,920; and Ceredigion by 341, to 3,417.

The period also saw an additional five deaths in the three counties, up to 500 throughout the pandemic.

The previous week, covering six day’s figures because of the previous bank holiday, saw 1,896 extra cases in Hywel Dda, 520 in Pembrokeshire.

In the last year, from September 13, 2020, to September 13, 2021, cases have increased by 24,543 in Hywel Dda; 6,184 in Pembrokeshire, 3,323 in Ceredigion, and 15,036 in Carmarthenshire.

A year ago, total deaths for the three counties were not recorded independently of the Wales-wide figures.

Those year-on-year figures show cases are nearly 20 times the number of September 13, 2020, cases in Hywel Dda, 19.5 times in Pembrokeshire, 18 times in Carmarthenshire, and 36.3 times last year’s figures in Ceredigion.

September 13, 2020 recorded a total to date of 334 cases in Pembrokeshire, 884 in Carmarthenshire, and just 94 in Ceredigion.