VILLAGERS in Aberporth have hit out at the ‘dangerous and inconsiderate’ behaviour of riders of jet-propelled watercraft, like Jet Skis, over the recent Bank holiday.

They also claim the machines are having an adverse impact on marine life, including Cardigan Bay’s celebrated colony of Bottlenose dolphins.

Now there are calls to prevent the launching of jet skis in the Special Area of Conservation off the coast.

“My main concern on Bank holiday Monday was jet skis being ridden in a dangerous and inconsiderate manner close to swimmers and paddle boarders and over the reef,” one man told the Tivy-Side.

“One was performing ‘donuts’ at speed around the inner buoys marking the boat lane from the reef.

“Some paddle boarders and swimmers were afraid to go in the water.

“This is not a suitable area for jet skis as they are very disturbing to wildlife including dolphins, seals and nesting and feeding birds.”

Cllr Gethin Davies said jet-skis could disperse pods of dolphins.

"The danger is these craft will separate mothers from their calves," he added.

A Ceredigion County Council spokesperson said the authority discouraged the use of personal water craft such as jet skis along the entire Ceredigion coastline.

“The whole of Cardigan Bay along the Ceredigion coastline is included in one or more of three internationally-recognised protected areas, designated for wildlife and marine habitats,” she added.

“The coastline is a haven for coastal nesting birds, dolphins, seals and porpoise and the rich variety of coastal wildlife is one of the county’s main attractions for visitors.

“Any craft travelling at speed in close proximity to these animals presents a huge threat.”