MOTORISTS who fall victim to Llangrannog’s notorious beach car park are being urged to fight unjust fines ‘tooth and nail’.

The privately-owned car park made national headlines after it emerged £100 fines were making the seaside village a ‘no-go’ zone.

A malfunctioning pay and display machine means users must phone a number to arrange payment or download and use an app to register payment – options often thwarted by poor internet.

The car park, run and managed by Worthing-based One Parking Solutions Ltd, is owned by Swansea businessman Anthony Ramsey-Williams.

“It’s an awful situation,” said Sara Powell, a retired barrister from New Quay. “Sadly, many people don’t know their rights and are either intimidated into paying or ignore correspondence and then get County Court Judgements.

“I’ve given some advice on the Llangrannog Welfare Committee website and included a draft letter for people to use.

“My advice to anyone who receives a fine would be to fight it – don’t take it lying down.

“But that isn’t easy when the letters are so threatening and intimidating.”

Local county councillor Gwyn James met with Mr Ramsey-Williams in 2019. “He seemed a reasonable chap,” he said.

“He listened to our concerns and replaced the solar-powered parking machine with one which ran on mains power.”

However, Dr Kathryn Dawes, secretary of the Llangrannog Welfare Committee, said the position has worsened since the easing of lockdown.

“The community feel helpless and horrified at the bad press and bad feeling this is generating,” she said.

“It’s so upsetting when people declare they will never come to Llangrannog again, all because of a small square of car park in the middle of the village.”