Pictures by Gary Jones

With not much happening on the vintage scene, with shows already being cancelled across the country and Wales, it was great to see some old tractors being used on Saturday at Penffos, Rhydlewis near Llandysul.

As many as six tractors could be seen working the land at one time whilst pulling the disk harrowing machinery behind them on a four acre field that will be sowed shortly with oat seeds and then hopefully will be ready to cut come August / September. Some of the Fordson N tractors were built in the early 1930’s.

Dai 'Penffos' Thomas, who owned a few of them as well as owning the land which the tractors were working on, said: "They may be slower than modern tractors, but they do the same job at the end of the day, and with no hi-tech electronics and computers on them, they are far easier to work on as well."