A CARDIGAN town councillor has produced what she says is solid evidence that a zebra crossing was promised on a new road – in black and white!

Cllr Siân Maehrlein had demanded to know why such a crossing was not included in the road development scheme at the Maes Mwldan social housing project during Tuesday night’s virtual meeting of Cardigan Town Council.

She said the road near Theatr Mwldan was used quite extensively and insisted such a crossing had been promised during a discussion among town councillors in 2012.

After one or two of her colleagues questioned her claim Cllr Maehrlein produced a cutting from the Tivy-Side which she proceeded to brandish in front of her zoom screen.

“This clip from the Tivy-Side has been kept by a gentleman in town,” she told bemused colleagues. “It states quite clearly that in 2012 town councillors were told there would be a zebra crossing there.

“Why was a crossing not included when they were carrying out all those roadworks down by Theatr Mwldan?

“A lot of people are using that road and a zebra crossing was promised in a meeting of the town council, so could one still be provided at this stage?”

Cllr John Adams-Lewis replied: “It’s possible that was in the Tivy-Side, but no promise was made as far as I can recall.

“I have been asked to enquire about the possibility of providing a crossing and the highways officer said there will be a chance to looks at the situation once this pandemic is over.”

Town clerk Eleri Maskell disclosed that when plans for the road were put forward last year they did not include the provision of a zebra crossing.

Town mayor Cllr Clive Davies said he hoped one would be added to the scheme sometime in the near future.