CARDIGAN Rugby Club and the neighbouring bowls club are being given a six-month rent amnesty.

The town council agreed to the decision at its February meeting after hearing at a previous meeting how both clubs had been significantly affected by the on-going coronavirus lockdowns.

The rugby club said it still had considerable outgoings despite having no bar income or sponsorship since last March, when the pandemic brought about the first lockdown.

It still has to pay insurance, VAT, utility bills, maintenance and to pay to dispose of rubbish left on the field.

Town mayor Cllr Clive Davies said: “They still have fixed costs but no income apart from grants, which are a percentage of the costs. Both clubs are an important part of the town.”

Cllr Graham Evans said the town council should treat both clubs the same.

Councillors voted unanimously to waive the rent for both clubs for six months and then review the decision, when hopefully the situation will be better.