Another week - another lockdown, which has prompted the reappearance of some familiar figures around Aberporth.

The adventures of the Aberporth Mice are being chronicled on the village's streets and wall again in response to the coronavirus fire-break.

Artist Peter Taylor - universally known around Aberporth as Aber Banksy has brought his furry friends out of hibernation to cheer up the villagers as the clocks go back and they face more restrictions on their movements and activities.

"The people of Aberporth are really excited that the mice have ventured back out again," said Aber Banksy, who has planned another two pictorial outings for the rodents - one for Hallowe'en and one for bonfire night.

"Seeing a neither festivity is allowed this year - the mice are taking over," he said.

Let us know if you spot the mice around Aberporth over the next couple of weeks.