Local Low Carbon Heroes/Arwyr Carbonisel are being sought by Welsh Government following publication of its latest engagement approach for its Low Carbon Delivery Plan 2.

The Government is developing its approach to supporting collective action in response to the climate emergency and is on the lookout for #LowCarbonHeroes, (#ArwyrCarbonisel), asking members of the public to share their changes and using those hashtags.

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill is due to be debated by Westminster in March 2021.

But conversations are not only taking place at a national level but also locally.

On Monday September 28 between 6pm and 8pm an online public meeting is being held on behalf of the Public Service Board to increase Newcastle Emlyn’s preparedness for climate change.

Flood, drought, land use and development, growing food, work, school, water, sewerage, power supply, farms, tourism, who is vulnerable and how we might help to protect them - the Public Service Board wants to hear all thoughts and concerns.

From the meetings the board would like to know more about the risks to the place where the people of Newcastle Emlyn live and work - whether it is impacts on the local economy; risks to the townscape and its infrastructure; or recognising the risk to particular groups or neighbourhoods. With better understanding of people’s concerns and priorities, the intention is to develop a plan that improves the towns preparedness for Climate Change.

If you would like to take part, please email; dafydd@wellbeingplanner.co.uk

The local Cardigan Extinction Rebellion Group (XR) is keen to help start conversations among communities to help develop change and climate resilience through improved local democracy.

It has already supported communities to come up with localised solutions – as when the group organised an on-line conference, co-hosted by Member of the Senedd, Elin Jones, focusing on the future of food production, farming and land use in Ceredigion. In July members supported the creation of Ffynnone-Community Resilience in north east Pembrokeshire.

Both initiatives have led to future collaborations furthering steps towards a brighter future.

A spokesperson for Cardigan XR, Jane Mansfield said: "With the climate emergency now knocking on our door, the issue is so crucial, we feel that as concerned citizens many may want to have a say to bring about beneficial changes within our own communities - no matter how small those changes are.

“With this in mind, we want to help start conversations that will enable communities to develop their own action plans to combat the increasing impact on our environment and lives.

"The group is offering online talks or are happy to consider facilitating conversations around positive interventions. Contact us via facebook XR Aberteifi /XR Cardigan or cardigan@xrcymru.org