With dogs renowned for being great company and loyal friends, it’s no surprise they are Wales’ most popular pet.

And as people spent more time at home during the lockdown, there was a big increase in the number of households wanting to add a furry friend to their tribe.

Dau Gi Bach (Two little dogs), a brand-new series on S4C, tells the story of some of these dogs as they settle into their new homes.

First, we get to meet Smithy – a small five-year-old-dog with a big story.

After spending seven weeks at Alpets Poundies Rescue, in Llandysul, waiting for a family, Catherine and her son Llew offer her a home in Aberystwyth.

Catherine said, “This little dog popped up on the Alpets Facebook site and Llew fell in love with her straight away. We decided to adopt as there are so many dogs in rescue centres needing homes.

"There has been a lot of talk about families wanting a dog during lockdown, but we wouldn't have considered buying a puppy as there are so many dogs that need to be adopted”.

And indeed, as interest in four-legged house mates increases, since Covid-19 hit, dog shelters are also receiving more homeless dogs. Some owners found themselves unable to cope and other owners have lost their lives to Covid-19.

Getting a dog is one of life's big decisions, one that requires dedication and the ability to respond to the dog's specific needs. And this is why the role of places like Alpets is so important.

Alpets’ Linda White worked on pairing Smithy with her new family over several weeks, it's not something that happens overnight.

Linda said, “If Catherine and Llew had shown any sign of ‘well I don’t know she’s a little bit nervous’, or the little boy was too rough or expected too much from her, it would have been a no go. But the way they were with her, and the way that he listened, I was impressed with. So they were willing to go for it and I was willing to give them the chance to go for it.”

In each of the series’ six episodes, two different dogs are followed for a week to get to know them and their owners. We see different breeds, large and small, some relaxed and some full of life, but they are all either new-born dogs bred in loving homes, or shelter dogs waiting for a new home.

What tricks will the dogs get up to? How will the owners get on with training? Will the new member of the family settle straight in, or be sent to the doghouse? How will little Smithy settle in Aberystwyth?

To get full access to these exciting and at times barking mad homes, watch Dau Gi Bach on tomorrow, September 23 on S4C at 8.25pm and also on demand services.