ASSISTING a family to build a home suitable for their disabled child is the “correct decision.”

There was no discussion in private as cabinet members agreed with a delegated decision to award £350,000 to a family to allow their children to be looked after at home.

Ceredigion County Council had previously agreed an exceptional circumstances grant of £130,000 capital funding in 2018 which had not been spent.

A report to cabinet on July 7 said no progress was made on house adaptations as the “terms of this funding were considered unacceptable to the family” and there was a legal challenge against the council before the Court of Protection.

Members are being asked to note the allocation of £350,000 of capital funding with three exempt reports also due to be presented in private – a legal implications report, a housing report and a comprehensive social care report.

However, cabinet members did not request further details.

Cabinet member for housing services Cllr Dafydd Edwards and corporate lead officer for Porth Ceredigion Donna Pritchard made the funding decision on May 7 “due to the urgency of needing to respond to the court requirements.”

Cllr Edwards said on Tuesday that costs to provide specialised, out-of-home care for the disabled child would cost the council significantly more than £350,000.

“At the end of the day we have to ensure that the family is kept together not just because of the cost but because it’s far better for them as a family to do that.

“We came to this decision after quite a few meetings and looking at various options, I’m happy we have made the correct decision.”

The £350,000 will go towards the construction of a purpose built dwelling, the balance provided by the family, and work will be half completed before money is released to “ensure it is built to the standard we expect and it achieves what it needs to achieve for the children concerned,” he added.