DURING the past week, the press and the TV channels covered VE Day which celebrated the end of World War Two in Europe.

The BBC, in particular, spent many hours of programming, lauding the efforts of our Armed Forces of which I was a part, serving throughout the war in the Royal Air Force.

During the latter part of that war I took part in the Burma campaign, where we supplied air support to Captain Tom and his men in the jungles below - and I too wear my Burma Star with pride.

Later this year, the BBC propose that elderly applicants for a free TV license will be obliged to undergo a means test to qualify.

That is a national disgrace, as any refusal will mean harassment by the licensing authorities,with a possible court appearance, a fine or possible short prison sentence.

It is high time that our national TV service was free to all -or abolished. I rest my case.


Flight Lieutenant (Rtd ) Regular Service 1938 to 1950, followed by 12 years in the Reserve